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Breaking News - Greece Threatens To Leave The Euro

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It was must watch TV. Mason the economist was clueless when pressed by Paxman. I wonder whether or not I should complain to the BBC, as the only balance in the interview with the 3 bankers was Paxman. Mind you he did a good job. You could tell he was incandescent with rage at the line Mason and the bankers were spinning, that we had to do this or else it would be even worse for the taxpayers. Only as a presenter, he couldnt directly put his opposite view across. I bet he was also mad because they didnt have someone who understood the criminality involved in what was going on, who could have provided a counter view.

Despite that, he put some great questions across. Why should the UK taxpayer lend even more money to Greece, a nation that lied about its finances, when you bankers wont do so other than at a much higher rate of interest? - Pity he didnt point out that it was the bankers who set up the fraudulent schemes to allow the Greek government to lie.

As usual, taxpayer and pension scheme members will get the bill for all of this.

Paxman is on about £800,000 p.a. from the BBC. He is not about to upset the apple cart -it's all an act. It is to give the impression to viewers that the executive is being effectively questioned, when in reality it's a soap opera.

As for Paul Mason, I was a bit taken aback by his Wikipedia bio. Started life as a music teacher, does not seem to have any qualification in economics (however that may not be a bad thing). Also an ex-Trotskyist:


Mason is "father of the chapel" for the National Union of Journalists on BBC Newsnight. He is a supporter of Leigh Centurions and Manchester United F.C.. He is married to Jane Bruton.[4] He has previously been a member of the Trotskyist organisation Workers Power,[5] and has more recently spoken at the Anarchist Bookfair.[6]

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Although it's not quite at that level yet but it's looking like Greece will be eventually clamouring for debt relief and aid just like the 3rd world countries. Ever increasing debt with no hope of ever paying it back.

Eventually it'll likely be included in charitable campaigns like War On Want when in addition to the UK etc regularly giving away more taxpayers money as bailouts (which will eventually come to be called aid) they'll be regularly standing around with their charity buckets inside the supermarkets and so on.

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Here are the insights on the subject of Greece from the BBCs Economics Editor Stephanie Flanders.

Stephanie's articles from this week.

On Tuesday

"Why the Greek bail-out has worked"

On Friday

"Greece may need second financial bail-out "


"Dear Dad, Thanks for paying off some of my credit card in January. It really helped and the bailiffs are no longer on my doorstep. "

"Dear Dad, The deadline for the March payment on my credit card is almost here. Do you think you could help me out again. I had to use it quite a lot over the winter, and the last payment didn't exactly clear it."

I can't find the "smilie" for <tears hair - what remains of it - out>


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