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Real Economies

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As opposed to the false economies thread.

What REAL savings do you make in your day to day life?

Here is a little tip for car and motorbike riders:

Worn out tyres from overinflating them? (overinflating tyres = better MPG at the cost of accelerated wear). You can often extend the life of tyres by using a stanley knife.... expensive branded tyres often have a thick carcass. Bridgestones and Michelins do, which means you can cut about 2mm-5mm extra tread into your tyres once you reach the low wear limit indicators. Thus squeezing an extra 2-4000 miles out of them.

Just don't overheat them and delaminate your tyres..

Bikers, worn out your sprockets, sprockets got hooked teeth? Simple remove the sprocket and turn it the other way round.


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I sense a Viz top-tips thread coming on... ;)

The biggest tip to saving money is changing your mindset from consumer to conserver. See 'Walden' by Henry Thoreau for more details.

I think the best advice is Martin Lewis' mantra before any purchase: 'Do I want it? Do I need it? Can I get it cheaper elsewhere?'

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Use a spot of talcum powder on grease stains before bunging it in the washing machine instead of Magic Pink Stain Remover. It will soak it all up.

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Never buy anything new you can buy second hand

Never buy anything second hand you can borrow

Never borrow anything you don't need

After that, my economies:

I rent

I like to think I know the value of items and that I can recognise quality, I believe it saves you loads in the long-term

I only buy food that is in season

I never buy any prepared or frozen food, or prepacked fresh food

While on the topic of food, I am not adverse to eating what runs out infront of the car, rabbits, hares, pheasants etc

I cycle or walk whenever I can (unless I am hungry :D )

I take cuttings rather than buy plants for the garden, and I save my own seeds.

I don't have a TV

My 206SW car is 20 quid road tax and does 63mpg, and is called 'killer'

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Give to me the life I love,

Let the lave go by me.

Give the jolly heaven above,

and the byway nigh me,

Bed in the bush with stars to see,

Bread, I dip in the river,

There's the life for a man like me,

There's the life, for ever.

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Go dumpster diving and pick berries off hedgerows instead of going food shopping.

Stop having baths or showers to save on water , stand outside in the rain instead.

Sh1t in the garden , save water on flushing.

Wear black bin liners instead of buying a coat.

Go to work instead of staying at home posting on HPC.

Instead of driving down to the garage to blow up your car tyres get your wife to blow them up with her mouth , added bonus she gets stronger mouth muscles.

Why fly to Spain when you can build a raft and go there FOR FREE?

Methylated spirits 1 part , water 2 parts makes strong alcohol (still may not be cheaper than stuff in supermarkets)

Walk to work instead of driving , when you get bored of walking forwards try walking backwards for a nice change of scenery.Also try hobbling as someone may offer you a free lift to work.

Always buy the cheapest consumer goods you can and only the made in China ones.These will last far longer than equivalent German or Japanese models with higher build quality and longer warranties.

Instead of buying ecstacy or LSD instead use the arsenic-treated pine you found dumped in the alley in your fireplace.Put the fire out once you start experiencing hallucinations , if you do need to call the hospital then use a reverse charge call.

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