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What do I think lol? I'm clearly the wrong person to ask.

think of it this way, there were a lot of buyers to take silver from $17 and change last September to just under $50 in April. That was some sentiment that existed there, has that sentiment gone forever? What happens after silver finds a good support and consolidates a while? chances are some of the sentiment that existed before, still exists and will return to the market.

Now let's just suppose $30ish is the consolidating low this summer, typically the precious metal buying is stronger from late autumn through to easter.

If the buying sentiment swings back to the market from that area, we could see a re-test of the highs early next year maybe and if we get a re-test of those highs, watch out above.

anyway, no-one has a crystal ball - just watch the pattern this summer

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Looks like they cut the head of the silver speculator why the hell can't they do the same with oil speculators, something we actually use everyday and could really benefit from?

margin increases are a blunt instrument and have the desired affect in the short-term; in the longer-term they are bullish since they remove speculation and enable a clearer price discovery

edit - check this out from about 8mins in...

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