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Another About Last Months Rent

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I have been renting a house since the 18th April this year. My rent is £525 a month and my deposit was £625.

I have just finished with my GF and intend to move from the house asap. I called the letting agency and told them this. They said that I have to give them one full months notice and this can only occur on the 17th of the month. So I have to stay at this property until the 18th November even though I gave them notice from the 27th September. Is this correct?

Also, in regards to the deposit, can the letting agency force me to professionally clean the carpets, even though the land lord did these himself before I moved in and the whole house stunk like a wet dog for the first month?

Also If I keep the last months rent back, will there be bad consequences for me?


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If you have a normal contract then yes this is how it works you would have to pay for your last month which starts from 18th Oct - 17th Nov. I wouldnt hold back any rent either even if you have a dispute over the property, the correct course is to take them to the small claims and recover your losses that way otherwise it nearly always comes out in favour of the landlord as soon as you hold back any monies.


Not sure about that, I'd read your contract, I think most specify 1 months notice. If it doesn't specify 1 month from the 17th of the month then you are ok with staying to the 27th Oct. And refer them to the contract as well, you may need to convince them.

With regards to rent I would normally withhold the last month as many LLs are just out to rip you off and will take some for 'cleaning'. However if you move out before you have had your 1 months worth then its not worth doing as they will still owe you and likely to be not impressed by withholding. In which case I'd pay up and play it their way - but hassle hard for the deposit.

Hope that makes sense, sorry its all a bit disjointed!

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I am assuming that you have an AST with a fixed period of 6 months so the 6 months come to an end on the 17th October.

You can leave on this date without the need to give any notice whatsoever.

If you stay on after this date you will be entering a Statutory Periodic Tenancy the notice you have served is valid, there is no obligation for you to issue your notice on a particular date, the only legislation regarding a tenants notice is in the Protection From Eviction Act 1977.

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