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Yes, I've used BullionVault for just over a year with no problems. Charges seem good, trades can be made at any time. They publish audited list of bars so I trust that their custody fees are for metal they actually do have custody of. I found the account easy enough to set up even with my poor array of proof of ID. Even if they get hacked, your BullionVailt account can only pay funds into your nominated account.

I really like it, though I haven't used GoldMoney or any other similar service so can't compare.

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The only thing that BV is missing is a currency exchange facility. You can only buy and sell in deposited funds ie sterling.

It would have been handy to be able to buy and sell in £/$ if they would convert the cash at spot.

Never actually bought anything from them, got an account with very little in it which is easy enough to use it just didnt do what I wanted it to at the time.

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Anyone used http://www.bullionvault.com/ any experiences or feedback to share?

I've been using them for over 4 years. My gold holdings are spread between them and personal possession. Fees are reasonable. Spreads and fees are low etc. I trust them about as much as I trust any financial institution. A crisis could prove me wrong, but that goes for dealings with any business. I certainly trust them more than an ETF or storing your gold in a bank or a safety deposit box.

Note that cash is held in Llyods, so any cash you hold with them is only as safe as a Llyods buiness account. (When bullionvault started up, Llyods was a well run bank... :( ) The gold is only as safe as Viamat plus the political risk of the country it is stored in.

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My experience of bullionvault is I traded my "free gold" upto 420GBPs after depositing the min £30, they used their t+c not only to take away the "free gram" and all profits when I went to withdraw. So from opening the account in 2006 all trades I made they took commission on up till 2010, then they took away the all the profits also!

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BV is paper gold though, if it isn't in your hands or in your personal possession then it does not exist. Thus when there is a spike you may be unpleasantly surprised when they don't have it.

And trust me banks and gold dealers NEVER have what they say they have in stock.

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