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Lingfield, Surrey


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can anyone tell me whether the town of Lingfield means it gets Gatwick noise, I assume it does but first hand knowledge would be great.



Yes - It does get a fair bit of noise from Gatwick. East Grinstead to the south of Lingfield gets considerably less I would say. I think that with double galzing in Lingfield you would not hear that much noise assuming the windows were closed. Best advice would be to take a trip down there and assess for yourself, noise bothers some people more than others. Its a good area to go for a nice country walk one day.

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I stay at a friends house there quite a bit and the worst time is early morning about 5.30am - 7am as they circle above quite low. Like the previous poster mentioned if you have double glazing you might be OK. It does annoy me though when you are sat out on a nice day, constant engine noise because they are coming in to land or just taking off.

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