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Justice And Freedom Of Speech.

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Freedom of speech providing it's not about the rich.

The whole issue is becoming farcical.


The hyper-injunction goes a step further. Mr Hemming told the Commons that the order, which was obtained at the High Court in 2006, prevents an individual from saying that paint used in water tanks on passenger ships could break down and release potentially toxic chemicals.

It specifically bars the person from discussing the case with "members of Parliament, journalists and lawyers", along with the US coastguard and any ship owners, and also forbids any speculation linking chemicals in the paint with the illness of any individuals.

It says: "The defendant must not communicate to the third parties any speculation that the illness of any individual (including without limitation the collapse of H) was, has been or will be brought out by the chemical composition or the chemicals present in the coating of the potable water tanks."

Not totally sure what was behind this but one would hope the judge was presented with conclusive evidence that these chemicals couldn't possible have made this person ill.

But not even being able to talk to lawyers or MP's over the issue is a disgrace.

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Freedom of speech providing it's not about the rich.

The whole issue is becoming farcical.

Is becoming (present tense)? You posted a 2006 reference there!

What you have to remember in cases like these is that our judiciary are the heart of corruption in the UK.

And that unlike politicians, journalists, or the police, they cannot be questioned. Talk generalities (like I am) and people rightly want evidence. Present evidence, and you are in contempt of court and end up in jail.

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The following links may be of interest to those interested in certain aspects of English law and celebrity gossip:-

The clues are here.

The Telegraph does it with some panache (2nd article) ;-

Spelling it out

Well, well, well. BT have pulled the 1st website, I wonder who leant on them. I hope you caught the info before it was censored.

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Facts cannot be made into non-facts by a legal ruling. Some judge ruling that the sky is green will not make it so. If these water tanks are releasing poison, and it can be proven, then that too is a fact. Those so poisoned have a right to redress through the justice system. Without this right, people revert to vigilantism. I would look at the charge of "perverting the course of justice" http://www.cps.gov.uk/legal/s_to_u/sentencing_manual/perverting_the_course_of_justice

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