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Where Silver Is Going From Here?

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Blimey, you sound like you have about as much idea on this as I do... except you invested a lot more into it :(

Advice from someone who shouldn't be giving advice: If you can afford to hold out I would. I'm not sure how long it'll be, but I'm quite sure the prices will rise again to the levels you likely bought at, but whether that's in a day, a week, a month, a year...?

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Lol going leveraged long on that spike? Losing 6k just pike that? Must be a joke post...... although I do have a friend who lost lots of money doing just that with banks!

Betting is fine if you have fun doing it and nothing better to do with the money. This is what the OP is doing. If he is not doing it, and is investing money he or she cant afford to lose, then my reply to their original question will be different.

That said, no investment anywhere is risk free. Cash in hand, cash in the bank, gold, shares, bonds, they can all become worthless.

Though some investments are a bit riskier than others.

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