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Spending Watchdog Dined Out In Michelin-Starred Restaurants On Taxpayer Credit Cards

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When a relative of mine worked for the EU in Belgium she was given £1k to buy clothes for attending evening events, a free 3 bedroom flat with cleaner and an enhanced ex-pat salary.

This was for a £30k a year job.

Very easy to be generous with other people's money.

Having said that it is nothing compared to what bankers do with our money with a similar lack of clarity as to how shareholders can prevent these abuses.

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This of course is the very pinnacle of hypocrisy, and stands to show how the system operates.

Remember neither the Government Policy Makers or indeed the Bankers are in any sense productive, but they love to lecture others on efficiency.

So of course spending restraint doesn't apply to them.

Its a cozy conspiracy between those in political power and those with financial power.

It's time to bankrupt the bankrupt banks and arrest the bankers, and time to turf out the politicians, arresting any that have fiddled or played lose with expenses or indeed who have taken bribes (direct or indirect) from the banks.

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