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Static Ip Address Or Amazon Cloud Cdn

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I have some speed performances with a Wordpress blog that I recently set up.

I have it hosted on Bluehost in the US which I chose as it has good Wordpress support and seems to work well. I have set up Wordpress blogs for others using bluehost and they work fine.

I have my own on one of their hosted servers also but it is noticeably slower in the morning UK time. I have set up a support ticket with bluehost and I got a standard response about optimising my site. I had optimised my site already but I then went and optimised it about as much I can do, settting up cached files, compressing my sites with gzip, minimising JS, optimising the DB, etc, etc.

Problem is, things ain't no better.

I did have the excellent disqus system on my site but had to take it off as that appeared to slow things right down - pages were half drawing, hanging and then completing with disqus enabled. So I removed that.

I have done some checking and notice that the other blogs I have on bluehost on are servers with about 250 shared sites. My own blog appears to be on a site that has over 1100 shared sites - you never know, as these online tools aren't that reliable.

I did think that maybe bluehost were running a server or DB backup in the morning UK time and that was causing me the problem - but then why aren't I see it on other blogs I have with them.

I did wonder whether it is because I set the blog up 2 days before Christmas last year - a few days before Christmas is never good is it, but then setting up blogs on hosting servers is all automated nowadays isn't it so it can't be that.

I then wondered whether another one, or more, of the other sites on the same shared hosted server as my blog is running some kind of big batch job in the middle of the night US time? Bluehost were recently made by Sony to remove some site that had PS3 hacks or PS3 games or something like that on there. Could it be that I am just on the same server as someone transferring vast amounts of data? But, if so, surely Bluehost would have picked this up?

Anyhow, I am going to get back to them with some hard times and dates next week as 9AM to 11AM is impossible for me to access my site - it could be from earlier in the morning UK time for all I know.

So I was thinking...

I was wondering whether paying the extra 2 bucks a month and opting for a static IP Address would speed things up or not. OK, my site would perhaps be on the same server still but, as the analogy goes, a postman delivering a letter to someone staying in a hotel has to go find the right room if the room number is not on the envelope - i.e. static IP Addresses should, in theory, take you direct ot a site without having to queue in any hardware or software layer working out which site on that box to send a user to.

But then I wondered if whether putting my bucks into buying some space on Amazon's Cloude CDN would be a better speed option?

I have set up CDNs for corporates and it is obvious why corporates use them - to speed up global access to their sites? Now, Amazon's Cloud Front allows that for bloggers so I am just wondering if I should bypass the static IP Address cost and opt straight for a CDN option.

Obviously I need to go back to Bluehost and get them to investigate why I am getting speed problems in the morning UK time, but I thought I would run it past people on here as I know many of you run blogs or are IT folk.

What do you think?

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