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Gordon Brown Wins Economic Consolation Prize After Imf Rebuff

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Gordon Brown may have been black-balled for the top job at the International Monetary Fund by the prime minister, but he has won a modest consolation prize in the form of a new post at the World Economic Forum.

The Geneva-based thinktank, which runs the annual Davos summit, said the former prime minister had agreed to chair a new "policy and initiatives co-ordination board", which will oversee talks about the future of the global economic system.

"With the challenges the world faces, it is vital that all stakeholders are engaged in solving them. The World Economic Forum is uniquely placed to bring those stakeholders together and support the global agenda," Brown said.

Brown's committee will bring together policymakers and heads of international organisations, such as the IMF, to discuss how to prevent financial crises such as the one that rocked the world in 2008.

So the plan is to allow Brown to bring everyone together who've helped cause these problems and talk 5h1t about how they can fix it?

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Former prime minister Gordon Brown is to take an unpaid post as adviser to the World Economic Forum (WEF), the Swiss-based body which organises the annual global leaders' meeting in Davos said on Friday.

At least he isn't getting paid for it, but then again I wonder what perks he gets doing this job.

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Looks as though someone is trying to massage his reputation. Just by being in the running for the IMF job, looks good on the CV, similar to "X Factor finalist" and Tony Blair being mooted as EU President (though never a serious contender).

When you have reached a certain level, you can't fail it seems. unsure.gif

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Gordon Brown may have been black-balled for the top job at the International Monetary Fund by the prime minister.....

I think 13 years of economic mismanagement might have had a little more to do with it. The Guardian are a bunch of dicks.

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Trouble is - in order to put in place initiatives to stop it happenning again, you need to understand what went wrong in the first place. He has no idea.

yes he does...he wasnt allowed to borrow enough.

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