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Rant About My Life And Those Who Say Hpc's Are Selfish

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I Left school in 1999 with a GCSE C in maths and thats it. but found a job on 14k as a data imputter, on this modest wage i planned to save up a good few thousand to get a deposit on somthing small, but it'll be mine.

But as the years went by happily saving my deposit living with my parents something was going wrong, the deposit id been saving suddenly wasnt enough and would never be enough on my salary.. Take out a Self Certified Morgage someone said to me.....if i cant pay them every month they take my house?..."I need a better job"...

Go to night school for 6 years to get my GCSEs and A-levels (while in huge debt living a life i couldnt afford) then going to uni while paying my off debt , im now working for a Analytical Lab with my chem degree, still modest wage of 16k starting. but fully trained its national average so looking brighter.

All the while my own little place had grown to 150000. "Who is buying these houses? everyone I know is in huge personal debt"

./crash happens.....did it? Now it looks like the moneys all gone, the credit cards are maxed out and the something for nothing BTL people are loosing "their money"

I might be able to buy in the area i grew up soon.....

So Excuse me if I enjoy the Changing Wind :).

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Planning to save as big a deposit as i can for when its bottomed out, i want the smallest morgage possible .....so you know, i dont overstretch my finances and lose the thing.

damn people are greedy

Don't get me wrong because I am an EA. I agree with everything you have posted above. My story is similar, but without the extra education. I ended up an EA by accident due to looking after a property for a friend while he lived away and that snowballed until I launched a company to deal with sales as well as lettings.

However, when you eventually purchase a property what will be your plan?

Circumstances change and you may need to raise more money to find a different property. I think your opinions may change once you own a property. It tends to happen to many people and when prices start to go up they see a chance to make money.

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my plan after buying a property is too pay it off as soon as i can.... I HATE Debt....behind the bit in my rant (living a lifestyle i couldnt afford) was a concise way of saying i built up 16000 on credit card and personal loans at which point i could only afford minimum payments after rent and bills...sometimes using credit card to pay my monthly loan payment.

circumstances? i assume your talking about me or my partner losing a job, or kids entering the picture, this is exactly why i want to hopefully save a decent deposit by the time the market bottoms out....so if we come into hardship we can cope with minimal aid from family ...and i hesitate to say, the government. and if it gets so bad i have to move in with my parents in my old bedroom to rent my out my house, then so be it.

Have people forgotten that we live in a world where not only are we a country where most have their own rooms, and indoor plumbing but that has only been for the last 50 years in 4000 years of known civilization .

I Would feel privileged to be able to bring up 3 kids in an average two up two down.

Not going to pretend i wouldnt be tempted, if im in a strong position to make some money in 20 years when everyone has forgotten whats just happened and the boom cycle starts again, But if i Gamble and Lose i expect the banks to take what i owe them.

.Its True that House Prices only go up..........but its a long game.. i have a neighbor who payed off his mortgage after 30 years of welding, he didnt want to quit work and didnt need the extra money so got another property (he is one of these "1 in 7 baby boomers") the rent doesn't quite pay the mortgage (he'd rather have good long term tennants than high rent and high renter turnover)but he is better off than ever and he will have a income in retirement. i have serious respect for this guy and his wife of course.

that original rant was highly cut down

P.S. ive got nothing against EAs, noone does things to be bad or good, Altruism is a result of conditioning, but more often people are very protective of their own interests.. everyone does it. (hope it doesnt come off as condescending either)

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