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Inside Job - Film

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It was free to view on Zero hedge don't know if it`s still available over there

Hi... that sounded like great news as I have been trying to find a screening somewhere.

Just took a look and the link is below, but it fails to start on my laptop.

Could some-else check and let me know if it is a problem with the site, or my crappy works computer ?

Ande before anyone asks, I am not public sector and I am at home today ;)


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(Lots of those involved declined to be interviewed)

6 minutes in - after Iceland it's off to the US. "Cocaine", groovy music - suspect it's a glorification of crooks (but wait and see, maybe not).

14 minutes in - emphasis on "getting rich".

16 minutes in - the dodginess being mentioned.

21 minutes in - now endemic dodginess to groovy music.

Now derivative mathematicians - no music/subdued music - technical, must be boring.

27 minutes in - Bush elected - more subdued music and more extreme dodginess being mentioned.

30 minutes - sub prime loans "anyone could get a mortgage".

33 minutes - bankers getting 1/2 billion wages/bonuses.

35 minutes - failures of the regulators - still subdued music.

38 minutes - AIG shenanigans and massive bonuses - still subdued music.

40 minutes - IMF involvement - subdued music.

42 minutes - glam shopping (with bonus money billions?) - groovy music.

46 minutes - neuroscience excuses.

47 minutes - girls etc.

48 minutes - weed strewn sub prime and CDOs - subdued music.

50 minutes - GS/squid betting against it's own recommendations. Customers lose GS wins.

53 minutes - Senate enquiry- GS/squid waffle away - subdued music.

55 minutes - customers generally being betrayed by the financial sector.

57 minutes - rating agencies "opinions" - subdued music.

58 minutes - Fed/Bernanke involvement and lack of transparency - no music.

1 hour - warnings (just before the economic collapse) - subdued music.

61 minutes - the collapse, the recession, Bear Sterns (AAA), Lehmans, general delusion, all a surprise, vigilance, Freddie Mae Freddie Mac (both AAA) - subdued music.

67 minutes - lack of planning for bankruptcy - subdued music.

70 minutes - bailout - no music/subdued music.

73 minutes - affects US motor industry/China - subdued music.

75 minutes - US foreclosures/living in tents - subdued music.

77 minutes - those that caused the problem/drove companies into the ground walk away with riches - groovy music.

81 minutes - banks now more powerful than before.

83 minutes - lobbying more than ever before and massive political contributions - soft/subdued music.

85 minutes - academics making a lot of money/fortunes supporting financial sector/government policies, economics corrupted - subdued music.

89 minutes - "typos" in academic reports (stability = instability)

94 minutes - inequality getting worse, manufacturing declining, IT growing, less tax on wealthy.

98 minutes - presidential incumbent promises financial reform and does little, picking GS/squid etc people, those who built the structure keeping their positions, no penalties - subdued music.

105 minutes (to the video end) - those who created the crisis are still in power - quite cheerful music like in the mainstream movies when the audience is leaving (and on to the next movie/the sequel sort of thing).


Quite a reasonable story of events helping to demonstrate the endemic greed and corruption. The choice of background music might have been more apt in some places with, for example, a bit less of the groovy music etc with all the dodginess and with the crooks scarpering with the swag - more sombre end music might also have been more apt.

On the foreclosures they could have added something about all the shenanigans surrounding who was responsible for the mortgages within the derivatives - including the robo-signing scandal etc.

It certainly showed the financial sector and it's hangers on as utterly self serving and dodgy and less than straightforward and competent - to say the very least.

Maybe they'll update it/have a sequel after the next bit of the economic collapse.

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(Lots of those involved declined to be interviewed)

6 minutes in - after Iceland it's off to the US. "Cocaine", groovy music - suspect it's a glorification of crooks (but wait and see, maybe not).

14 minutes in - emphasis on "getting rich".......

Thanks for that.

I still find it amazing that virtually no one went to jail, even for token appearance / PR reasons to placate the masses. Then the financial leaders remain in power / re-elected or in academia, after the collapse

Like they did a deal with the devil..

The corruption in banks buying out the regulators, by offering them high paid jobs or getting budgets cuts via lobbying is a complicit nightmare.

I'm reminded of a recent story where a gov. official suggested crocodiles were used to guard drug cartel bosses in jail, as they could not be bribed.

If nothing is changed the economic entropy draws the inevitable collapse closer

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With the 2016/2017 recession bearing down on us it will finally be time to put plenty of bankers in jail. bit like railway mania, it took a second collapse before even the most vested interest (corrupt) politician deep into railway shares realised they could no longer ignore the fraud and crimes. first collapse the government even propped the railway companies up (similar to propping house prices up). History repeats.

only a few more months to go!

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