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If All V.i's Wished Really Hard..

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In recent years a great deal of the individuals available money has been swung into cost of living, mortgages, debt, rent..

this leaves part of the economy that used to have this money exposed.

High street recession is due to the lack of available money to be spent into the high street due to debt maintainence.

House prices will come down from the effect of this and other economic certainties.

However this is also the reason they cannot stay where they are.

the current prices represent a massive proportion of mortgage debt, but it is held by a small proportion of home owners... I.E the ones who bought at the peak.. approaching the peak.. or weirdly just after the peak as prices start to come down.. (odd behaviour)

now this is a small proportion of the home owning members of society.

If house prices were now at an accepted level and all new buyers entering the market were prepared or able to pay these amounts then the level of mortgage debt would actually have to grow by such an unbelieveable amount the £600,000,000,000 of extra debt managed in the last seven years would seem like pocket money..

In a decade if prices stayed at this peak it would have to be over £11,000,000,000,000 11 trillion pounds... such a ridiculous amount..

To say that house prices can remain this high is ludicrous.

any bulls want to argue this amount...? (bulls or bears... the ones who think it is sustainable...) this is simple maths.. simple economic theory..

come on.. anyone.. am I wrong...?

look at the numbers... think about everyone having to be in this much debt... where does all of this money come from..

If all housing stock was to be bought at todays prices......? you say it can..

tell me how..

go on..

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