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Is This Why There Was Not A Larger Hpc

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Some analysis of the employment stats today but they also have some graphs of the redundancies over the past three years by age group. It seems that the young 16-24 bore the brunt of the cuts with firms hanging on to older staff. Well we know that the under 24's could not afford a house so they could not be repossessed. Whereas it seems many prime house owner workers 40+ age group saw a very limited number of redundancies and even now of the 300K+ jobs created in the last year 221K were taken by over 55 year old men.

So not enough redundancies amongst house owners to cause mass repo's and then a HPC and even the ones that may be in trouble/behind with the mortgage are getting the new jobs (and before anybody says it the new jobs must pay more than benefits and this may include SMI meaning they are not low paid jobs), meaning a further easing of the potential repos on the market.

Looks like the house market with keep stumbling on for the foreseeable future.

On a separate subject I feel really sorry for all the youngsters with there shiny bits of paper with A* written in over it, coupled with a belief that they are entitled to a well paying job. They have been sold a massive pup.

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It can become quite expensive to make people redundant if they have many years service. I don't know what the terms are in public service, and it probably varies between departments and national and council etc. But 20 years x 4 weeks is going to hurt some.

It's cheaper to LIFO.

Although - this isn't always the most efficient way to make cuts - the dead wood will just sit there till retirement.

But if you were making decisions purely on money with no other rational, the new wood would be first to go.

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