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Can i please ask what would be the average costs associated with buying a house in terms of processing the deal.

As a cash buyer i have included below a list of things which i think may apply. May i ask a reasonable cost for each and whether i need to pay for everything on the list. Also i would appreciate a heads up on any costs i may i missed.

conveyancing cost

valuation and survey cost

land registry / local authority search

Building and contents insurance

I have excluded things like stamp duty, mortgage application fee, mortgage indeminty insurance as these would not apply.

Thanks in advance.

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Also, in terms of the survey and valuation would i be right in thinking this is necesary only when you take out a mortgage.

I understand that it would also be for peace of mind for the buyer too but if i was to buy a house i have rented for a few years and know it to be structurally sound would i need to pay for a survey. Or rather would people recommend i should pay for a survey in those circumstances,

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can only go from my own xp

solicitors fees £400

land registry etc £400 approx

survey £250

dont have insurance dets to hand

id pretty much agree with above:

*solicitors fees - £500

*associated fees (land registry, etc) - anything from £100-£400 (it depends how much paperwork already exists for the house you are buying, sometimes it is perfect, more often there are items missing that need found and reprinted or re-registered). if there are stuff missing, your solicitor should be able to get the vendors solicitor to get it, and cover the costs.

*Survey- £300-£500 depending on how in depth the survey is (definitely get a survey, no matter how long you have lived in the house. you are spending £xxx,000, why try and save £300 when you can have a legal comeback on the surveyor if something turns out to be faulty in the house).

then obviously your rates, insurance etc

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