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+1 ... They have been around for a while now .. solved my HPC problems when I bought a house through them ..

Chrismar, on 13 April 2011 - 01:08 AM, said:

What (in rough terms( area we're you . We've not got them down in hamble Portsmouth Southampton area

They are national .. I guess the banks must be recommending them to OOs near the brink of default for achieving a quick sale .. much of the legwork is done by the owners themselves apart from the 'for sale' sign ..

Look up the Northern Ireland properties for some absolute bargains !!

I am in Cardiff .. finally the extent of their price reduction is stll bounded by the owners agreement to it .. In my case, the house was marketed at 30% below what would have been peak value - the house was not lived in for a year and needed some decoration on moving in but thats about all.. it was offers over X .. but they do not like to get into bidding wars and holding out for a higher offer etc .. the point is to dispose the property fast (their high commissions would make up for that !!) !! Having a substantial deposit and proof of funds helped in my case.

Must add - was the first to view and offer - it was accepted by the owner and there were no further viewings -

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I viewed a house end of last year marketed by Swift Residential, an online EA priding them-self to price properties to sell and offering a sale in less than 30 days. I had a look at their website then and it was essentially geared towards sellers (obviously) basically rubbishing buyers (great strategy to attract them...). There was no pics or dimension on the website and as i was down the road from me I went to view (and measure) the property and was shown around by the owner (no EA in sight). The seller explained to me that EA he had chosen was marketing properties with a low price to generate interest and that we would then work our way UP from there (offers in excess of 249k). I smiled politely, had a look around and left. I did not bother make an offer, I would not even had bought the house for 180k let alone 249k or UP from 249k. In teh weeks that followed the house dropped by a few k£ at a time, then to 239k, then marketed with a conventional EA at 229k and then for 219k. It has now been taken off the market.

So much for a Swift sale....

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"Must add - was the first to view and offer - it was accepted by the owner and there were no further viewings"

That's interesting to know, they are offering two properties that could be of interest and I may now have a look and maybe make an offer :P .

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The sales pitch ###£40,000 discount ### looked good. That was until I checked Zoopla.

Take this example: http://www.expressestateagency.co.uk/viewproperties.php?WCI=Particular&WCE=002117337

3 bed semi in Bishop's Stortford. For sale for offers over £174,950. Supposed £40,000 discount. Mmm. Well, on Zoopla I can see a 3 bed in the same street sold in 2009 for £175,000. Where's the discount, eh?


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