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Meps Vote To Keep World Beating Salaries And Allowances

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The Rich Sticky Gravy Train

Conservative and Ukip MEPs voted for the cost-saving proposals but Labour and Liberal Democrat members either voted against or abstained.

Marta Andreasen, a former chief accountant at the European Commission and Ukip MEP, said that in voting down such measures at a time when the UK and other member states had introduced severe austerity cuts MEPs had shown their "true colours."

Andreasen said: "This proves categorically and unambiguously that when the European Parliament speaks of austerity measures it applies to everybody else except the institution itself.

"MEPs were given the opportunity to lead by example and save millions and millions of pounds in the budget for 2012. Instead they chose to show their true colours to taxpayer's across Europe. I am appalled that Labour and Liberal MEPs voted to fly in the lap of luxury at taxpayers expense while ordinary people at taking cuts in services and paying more tax."

A Tory spokesman branded the failure of Labour and Lib Dem MEPs to back the proposals as "shameful."

Derek Vaughan, a Labour MEP and party spokesperson on the budget committee, said: "Labour MEPs abstained on these proposals because to support them would have been a misleading exercise in political posturing.

"The report in question could not change the level of MEPs' salaries or allowances, so while Labour members had some sympathy for the intention behind these amendments, we felt it would be misleading to support them.

"It is dishonest to try to claim that these amendments would have cut salaries or allowances. That simply wasn't an option."

At the same time, MEPs gave their blessing to the multi-million-pound House of European History museum project and also voted to approve a 2.3 per cent increase in the Parliament's budget for 2012 to £1.5bn.

They are nearly as bad and greedy as the Bankers not forgetting that nonce Ashton. :rolleyes:

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