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Simpsons Home

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I was watching Living TV last night and there was some new reality show on there where about 7 married men have to live in a house like that AS WOMEN for a month or so in order to try and win a quarter of a million bucks.

It was disturbing.

The dolls house it was called.

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Both posts: well you learn summit new 'vry day.

PS: small detail incorrect on Simpson home: sofa too close to wall (will never tip over backwards)

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This is a known hoax.

For an explanation see 'Simpsons' hoax drives council mad' [October 2004]:


Whittlesea Council in Melbourne has been swamped by legions of Simpsons fans after a hoax spam email claimed the town had built a real-life replica of the cartoon family's home.

Since the email appeared on the next, complete with colourful inside and outside snaps, people have been trying to find it.

The email suggested that the replica was in South Morang and apparently some Simpson fans have been spending hours driving around Whittlesea's northern suburbs trying to find the double-storey house.

The original report is now archived under the heading "Doh! House hoax drives council mad':


There was a replica of the Simpsons' house which was given away in a competition back in 1997 as reported in '"Simpsons" move to Henderson, Nevada' [December 1997]:


Barbara Howard, a 63-year-old retired factory worker from Richmond, Ky., has won the multi-colored four-bedroom home that every 12-year-old kid in the country would die to call his digs.


Howard's winning entry was selected from 15 million nationwide. She had sent in an entry form retrieved from a Brisk Ice Tea box -- a beverage she said she frequently drinks.

People were able to enter "The Simpsons House Giveway" contest, which began Aug. 1, by mailing in numbered game pieces available on packages of Pepsi's Mug Root Beer, Lipton Brisk Iced Tea, Slice and Josta.


The Simpsons House, 712 Red Bark Lane, is part of Kaufman and Broad's Springfield Community South Valley Ranch. The community was named after the Simpsons cartoon character's home town.

The Simpson House is painted a vibrant yellow and baby blue -- both inside and out. Power orange, generator green, jazz age coral and pink flamingo colors adorn furniture, walls and floors inside. Even Bart's swing set and Homer's barbecue in the backyard are painted brilliantly.

However, the house has since been repainted as mentioned on the 'Map':


The Simpson house is located near the heart of Henderson, just off Boulder Highway and Sunset Road. The house was given away in a contest in 1997 and has since been repainted. It is no longer open for tours.

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