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I'm a bit like King writing to Osborne, once a month when the interest rate is announced, I email my MP asking him to change tack and start running the country properly.

To be fair, he often writes to me, and mentions "the other 11 emails" I sent. I generally email him a lot during the month when I see something outrageous about the housing market.

I was wondering if it was possible to organise as many people as possible to email their MP, or even get more effect, by emailing Grant Shapps ( who I also email a lot) who seems happy to throw our money at hair brained schemes to keep houses unaffordable.

Might be good if his email in box is so bombarded his system would overload.

How to do this though? How to get a lot of people organised? Let them know we are not happy.

Or maybe get the Savers web site into something like this?

Any ideas?

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