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Fallout from Trevor Macdonald

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Ms TB told me this lunchtime this little snippet.

Although she doesn't know directly, the things these people were saying sounded like that they contacted the office as a direct consequence of the trevor macdonald program.

incident one. Somebody wanting to put their house onthe market to obtain the best price they can achieve now (sorry chums, little too late for the best price...a good price if you can shift it)

incident two. somebody called in from London wanting to buy a second property to cash in on the falling house prices. (assuming prices have bottomed and so want in again now! - they underestimated how much houses are in the south west now)

Even the punters are all mixed up!..still as long as we've still got bulls trying to buy, were on track!


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I thought the girlie reporter on that prog was a bit confused - she couldn't sell her house so, instead of reducing the price and STILL making a huge profit over that she initially paid, she intended to now let it out... but isn't that what more and more people in London are doing... Loads of 'To Let' signs being the indication of this...

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The 'girlie reporter' was Rosie Millard, who has been writing articles for one of the broadsheets as an 'expert' landlord for ages. She is has been archetypal bull up till now, but perhaps the programme shows her view has flipped.

Rosie's other claim to fame is that she was the roving arts correspondant for one of the news channels (ie she went to film premieres in Leicester Square) and her dress sense was so bizarre that the newsreaders would make very backhanded compliments about her get-up after the piece.

I think Rosie had a piss-taking fan-website somewhere.

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