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Desparation Or Fraud

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Here is the response I got on there ad.

I am emailing you in response to your enquiry into creatively financed properties in the London area. I am pleased to inform you that these properties are still available and just a few of many creatively financed properties provided by the Creative Finance Facility.

The Creative Finance Facility (www.creativefinancefacility.com) is the most powerful investment mechanism in over 10 years allowing people, just like You, to purchase UK residential property without having to pay the traditional fees associated with a property purchase!

That’s right!.....No Deposit, No Stamp Duty and No Legal Fees!..

With CFF we not only Source, Negotiate, Take pictures & Video footage, Legally Secure, and Creatively Finance our property deals but we provide everything including whole of market’, FSA approved brokers that will find you the best mortgage product suitable to your specific requirements. Plus all Solicitor’s used via CFF are fully regulated by the Law Society and have extensive knowledge within all aspects of property law & conveyancing!

When You buy a Property through CFF the benefits are obvious:

- Gain thousands of pounds in Instant Equity on every property you purchase!

- A no hassle, Fully Comprehensive, Service through to completion!

- Pay Little to No Fees throughout the entire process!

- Waste none of your time travelling the length and breadth of the country viewing properties!

- Have a qualified team of industry professionals searching for the best possible property deals for you!

- Join absolutely Risk Free with our 100% Money Back Guarantee!

- Purchase up to 25 Properties per Year!

Our Service is Second to None!

I must stress this is not a marketing scheme, scam or anything untoward!...

Our deals are genuine and I Guarantee you that our CFF clients are buying creatively purchased properties on a daily basis!

The details to the property deal you enquired into in Streatham SW16, Croydon, CR7 and South Norwood SE25 and Woodford are given below.

Simply click the link below to view it:

1. http://creativefinancefacility.com/Property_Deal_Private_841.html - Croydon (CR7)

2. http://creativefinancefacility.com/Property_Deal_Private_843.html - Streatham (SW16)

3. http://creativefinancefacility.com/Property_Deal_Private_845.html - South Norwood (SE25)

4. http://creativefinancefacility.com/Property_Deal_Private_847.html - Woodford (IG8)

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Gumtree is full of scams, I'm certain these fall into that category.

Only an idiot who buys without a solicitor is going to get caught with such a scam.

It's just a desperate seller


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