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Manufacturing Expansion Unexpectedly Stalled In February

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Manufacturing Expansion
Stalled in February
U.K. manufacturing growth unexpectedly stalled in February as declining production of goods from chemicals to plastics dented the industrial recovery.
Factory output was unchanged from January, when it rose 0.9 percent, the Office for National Statistics said today in London. The median forecast of 26 economists in a Bloomberg News survey was a 0.6 percent increase. Overall industrial production unexpectedly slumped by 1.2 percent as oil output fell.

The markets could care less--"services" are taking off again as the banksters ply their trade in preparation for monster bonuses this coming Crimbo.

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The markets could care less--"services" are taking off again as the banksters ply their trade in preparation for monster bonuses this coming Crimbo.

OK, I can't contain the inner pedant here - what does "could care less" mean exactly?

I believe the phrase is 'couldn't care less' which makes logical sense, so why do I so often see people use 'could care less' which makes no logical sense whatsoever?

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Thought this pice seemed unusually candid for a press release.

Recruitment Reality in the UK


We entered 2011 full of trepidation as to UK recruitment we could see no reason to have higher levels of confidence given the state of the economy and the fact that the Coalitions cost cutting had been only rhetoric without impact on the economy other than concern.

We were completely wrong footed in January which saw out best sales growth for 30 months as the business exploded and 25% growth was achieved. Yes, 25% in a month - which was unbelievable and clearly unsustainable. We kept asking ourselves - was this an extraordinary blip or had we completely misread the market.

The growth was across the board in terms of industry, geography and a mix of new and established clients. The common thread appeared to be that many had delayed and delayed recruitment in 2010 and decided en masse that 2011 was another year and to loosen the shackles.

We ourselves decided to raise our investment in marketing for February as our forward order book looked good - a return to the good old days prior to recession, although this was kept low key as we were not convinced that market fundamentals had changed.

The reversal from January was almost immediate. The general pipeline fell away, for all run of the mill jobs, as employers started to feel the draft of economic reality and stopped recruitment in all areas, except filling genuine skills shortages in certain areas such as Engineering, Welders, Fabricators and CNC operators but certain other reliable areas like the Care Sector and Warehousing went into reverse.

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But manufacturing is for poor countries, rich countries have bouyant and dynamic service sectors, so this decline must mean we are getting richer.


Meanwhile in backwards manufacturing Germany:


For a long time during the economic crisis, the container terminals in Hamburg looked pretty empty. Now, tens of thousands of containers are stacked up again in endless rows, waiting for their onward journey.


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