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We've Never Had It So Good (Part 2)

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Savers prepared to lock away their funds are receiving the best interest rates for more than a year, according to Moneyfacts.

The financial information service said that the interest rates offered on relatively short-term fixed-rate bonds have been rising since August 2010.

However, they have been increasing from an all-time low of 2.52% for a one-year bond.

The movement signals an expectation of a Bank rate rise in the coming months.

Moneyfacts said that the average interest rate for a one-year fixed-rate bond was now 2.85%, the highest since March 2010.

Well, whoopdee-fecking-do

Silver lining:

The markets expect a rise in Bank base rate in the not too distant future and this is being factored in to the rates being offered to savers.
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Average petrol price this time last year - 116p, now 133p.

So about 15% which is about the sae as many staples have gone up (and other goods).

Never mind the credit crunch the inflation crunch is going to be widespread and all encompassing.

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