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Cameron Warning To Rich Tax Avoiders...

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...in Pakistan.

David Cameron tells Pakistan: raise more tax from the rich

British PM tells Pakistan elite: 'Many of your richest people are getting away without paying much tax at all – and that's not fair'

David Cameron has told the Pakistan elite they have to start paying more tax, and cut out government waste and weakness, if the British public are to back his plans announced today to pour £650m in UK aid to Pakistani schools.

Pakistan is now to become the single largest recipient of UK aid.




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Its cheaper than bombing them and creating international ill will and their associated costs towards the UK.

Of course I wonder if the UK public will spot the investment into creating cheaper off shored labour? :D

Cameron should have really emphasised that students in England are having to pay through the nose to help to fund the future offshore competition.

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Billions of UK pounds & jobs have been diverted to Indian continent thru off-shoring to keep our uber wealthy UK Maharajas in the style that they have become accustomed - no need for the charity

In addition our NWO masters make the UK borrow to fund Billions £££ in payments for the Carbon Credit scams hidden extra monies given to India etc

Note that this subject is NEVER mentioned in MSMedia!

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