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University Vice-Chancellors - Troughing

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An investigation by Channel 4’s Dispatches found that out of 100 leading British universities, around half of vice-chancellors have been given a free property as part of their salary package.

Properties worth some £50million are estimated to be available to the academics.


Professor Cantor earns £255,000 a year and also raked in £135,000 in expenses for the three years from 2006 and 2009 for a range of overseas trips to Hong Kong, China, the U.S., South Korea, Japan, India and New Zealand.

In the past academic year alone Professor Cantor claimed £10,000 for journeys in a chauffeur-driven car, including one two-mile trip between the vice-chancellor’s house and the university’s Heslington East campus, for which he claimed £70.

Another claim was for a return trip from York to Heathrow Airport, at a cost of £634.50.

The Dispatches team is also set to reveal, in the Cashing In On Degrees documentary to be screened tonight, that Professor Cantor rents out a four-bedroom chalet near Mont Blanc.

He charges £1,100 a week in rent and the main point of contact is his secretary at the university.

Professor Cantor told the programme he thought ‘it is entirely appropriate and unexceptional to use the university office as the contact point for emergencies’. The programme will also reveal how many vice-chancellors were found to be moonlighting in other jobs.

Nancy Rothwell, vice-chancellor at Manchester University, enjoys a £92,000-a-year position with drugs firm AstraZeneca on top of her £322,000 university post.

And Peter Gregson at Queen’s University Belfast is lucky enough to have a £55,000 job at Rolls Royce as well as his £252,000-a-year academic position.

Meanwhile, some vice-chancellors have their membership fees of private clubs paid from the public purse.

Professor Chris Jenks from Brunel University in Uxbridge, West London, is a member of the capital’s Chelsea Arts Club and the Atheneum in Pall Mall. Brunel University said as no free accommodation is provided for the vice-chancellor the university pays his club subscriptions so they can be used for official entertaining purposes.

I love how he feels getting a booking for his chalet constitutes an "emergency". These people have lost all sense of reality, given too much power they have created their own little fiefdoms.

Troughers have no shame because they are worth it.

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Got to fire some more frontline workers and raise tuitions to make up for the bonuses and pay increases of these people on extraordinary pay packages.

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