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Manorexic Male Models


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I admit I know nothing about fashion, and never have, but this took me by surprise - saw a link on hotukdeals for a topman sale so went to the site to have a look, and the standard seems to be to use male models that can only be described as anorexic looking - when did this happen? When did being this skinny become fasionable, or is this just a topman thing.

Examples from the site:





Whose ideal is this exactly? Is this a gay thing? Cause while women don't like fat men I've never met one who would prefer one who looks like a little boy over one with a healthy build. Is topman actually aimed at children in their mid teens or something? Because I know very few men (i.e. people over 21) who are that skinny. Thankfully most men I know couldn't give a monkeys about fashion and their appearance - otherwise with 'models' like this we could see the rise of manorexia!

Any like I said I couldn't give a stuff about fashion so this could be a common thing nowadays and could have completely passed me by.

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I've noticed this trend too. Androgenous male models seem to be the flavour of the week along with amazingly unattractive ones. So many of the aftershave / shaving adverts on tv - that used to be worth a good oggle - are now peopled with lads I wouldn't look twice at.

Most perplexing.

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They are what, 19 - 20 ? People that age are skinny. I am 9 stone at 5'7" and I eat like a piggy (mcdonalds almost daily). Being this skinny doesn't really impress the ladies that much though sadly :(

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