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Revealed, the shameless letter that Mandelson is using to tout for business from despots and dodgy billionaires


An excellent character profile of Mandelson by Richard Littlejohn...

The most odious man in politics has been transformed into Westminster's answer to Stephen Fry. The boys in the bubble hang on his every word.

His sins are not only overlooked, but celebrated. He revisits the scene of his crimes, accompanied by a slavering posse of press dupes.

Screaming Lord Mandelson makes jokes about his mortgage fraud. He flaunts his dubious associations with multi-millionaires, for whom he does favours.

After luxuriating on a yacht owned by financier Nat Rothschild, he leaps to the defence of hedge funds.

After immersing himself up to his scrawny neck in the hospitality of Tinseltown tycoon David Geffen, he announces a clampdown on internet video piracy.

He cosies up to Colonel Gaddafi's son in Corfu and the next thing you know the Lockerbie bomber is about to walk free.

While serving as a European trade commissioner, he accepts private flights and freebie holidays from a Russian aluminium baron and, purely coincidentally, lowers import tariffs on Russian aluminium.

After being brought back into government by Gordon Brown, he suppresses a report into Brown using taxpayers' money to bail out what we used to call British Leyland, just days before the 2005 General Election, in a cynical attempt to buy votes in key Midlands marginals.

He explains away his extravagant property dealings by claiming to have made a vast profit on his modest shareholding in a public relations company.

Even though these shares weren't sold until a year after he allegedly paid off his mortgage, his convenient fairy story is swallowed by credulous reporters.

They would no doubt have believed him if he'd said he'd received a postal order from a long-lost relative in Australia.

When he tells the most outrageous lies about the Tories, the BBC and Westminster's village idiots record it as if handed down on tablets of stone.

Yes, Lord Mandelson. Of course, Lord Mandelson. Three bags full, Lord Mandelson.

You're such a card, Lord Mandelson. His every movement is captured on camera, like Jim Carrey in The Truman Show. Film crews camp outside his house. He is pursued on trains by panting sycophants, hanging on his every word. His witless asides are greeted like pearls of genius from Dorothy Parker.

You couldn't switch on the TV last week without being confronted by his gurning, serpentine visage. Such was his ubiquity, I half expected him to turn up on Sky Sports, being asked his opinion on whether Liverpool should have been awarded a late penalty at The Lane.

On his doorstep, reporters shout out: 'Do you want to be Prime Minister, Lord Mandelson?'

It's suggested that the law will be changed to allow him to renounce his peerage and slither into a safe seat in the North-East so he can assume his rightful inheritance of the Labour leadership.

No one ever seems to question the legitimacy of his even being in the Cabinet, let alone being festooned with titles and allowed to 'run the country'.

It is simply accepted as perfectly natural that an unelected recidivist, twice forced to resign from the government in disgrace, should be parachuted into the House of Lords by an unelected, utterly discredited Prime Minister and proclaimed 'the most powerful man in Britain'.

The political pack has abandoned any pretence of proper scrutiny, preferring instead the soft option of taking dictation. I realise that even by writing this I could be accused of being complicit in this nauseating flying circus. But someone's got to do it.

Screaming Lord Mandelson represents everything rotten about our so-called democracy - arrogance, cynical contempt for the paying public, institutionalised dishonesty, an exaggerated sense of entitlement and the complete absence of shame.

National treasure, he ain't.

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Interesting bits about Tony Bliar

The Mail has learned that on January 31, Blair met Nazarbayev to discuss setting up new financial institutions to attract investment to the oil and gas-rich state. Such investments are likely to involve wealthy clients whom he serves through his newly-formed investment advisory company, Firerush Ventures No 3.

Curiously, on the day Blair met Nazarbayev, the next visitor was Sheikh Hamid bin Zayed al Nahyan, who heads the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority, with its vast assets of almost £500 billion.

Did the two bump into each other? Blair’s office declines to comment, but the two men would have had much to discuss. For Blair is a £1 million-a-year adviser to a United Arab Emirates investment company which is trying to develop an oilfield in Southern Iraq. And, by coincidence, he is a paid adviser for a consultancy to a South Korean company which is also trying to break into Iraqi oil.

And who should fly into Kazakhstan leading a high-powered team just ten days later? It was Jonathan Powell, Blair’s chief of staff at No 10. The two remain joined at the hip: indeed, Powell helped his former political boss set up his investment arm.

Craig Murray, former British ambassador in neighbouring Uzbekistan, is not impressed. ‘All Tony Blair is really doing, whether he knows it or not, is lending respectability to an oligarch with a shocking reputation on human rights,’ he declares.

Google Firerush Ventures No 3:

Tony Blair – laughing all the way to his own bank

Rich enough to give away his book proceeds and open an investment bank.

So that’s where Tony Blair's famous 'journey' was heading. Days after he announced that he was donating the proceeds of his autobiography to charity, the Sunday Times has learned that Tony Blair has set up his own "finance boutique" for the super-rich.

The Mayfair-based company, called Firerush Ventures No 3, has been authorised by the Financial Services Authority and has hired several senior financiers. The Sunday Times claims it will "effectively be a fledgling investment bank".

The company was originally one of a number of firms that the former Prime Minister set up to oversee the finances of his consultancy firm, Tony Blair Associates, but can now broker deals for other clients.

Blair's reputation for crony-ism is enhanced by a look at the names of those working for Firerush. They include his former aide Jo Gibbins and Catherine Rimmer, who worked in the research unit at Downing Street during his tenure. Jonathan Powell, Blair's former chief of staff, is also registered at the FSA for Firerush.

Varun Chandra, who was a senior figure at Lehmann Brothers, the US bank that collapsed in 2008, has been recruited.

Blair's move into high finance should be a lucrative one and, according to the cynics, goes some way to explaining why he was able to donate the £4m - £5m he was set to make from his memoir, A Journey, to the Royal British Legion.


Critics claim "it can be difficult to see where Mr Blair's political work ends and his commercial endeavours begin". His most lucrative single contract is a £2.5m annual deal with JP Morgan, in which "one of his main roles is to explore business opportunities in Libya"


That's his style and why we have big business in charge of our government now.

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* Arms

* Oil

* Investment bankstering

The Holy Trinity

Blair's used British govt. 'assets' (inc. dead/maimed servicemen) to position himself at the heart of all three so he can leverage his 'take'. A sort of British wing of the Bush 'family'.

He'll overestimate his own self-worth at some point and end up like Gaddafi.

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The link takes one on to an interesting piece on Liz Taylor that I'd highly recommend.

My grandchildren have been allowed to access the Daily Mail from this computer, but from now on it will be password protected! Explain, please, how a photo of bared breasts can be published by a quality newspaper that usually tries to defend "family values"? I'm sure that Elizabeth Taylor would have been horrified that such a personal picture would be revealed when she was alive - even at 24 she looks very embarrassed and ashamed of her nudity - so how can this be justified after her death? Nobody, apart from perverts, wants to see naked breasts, and children must be protected from "porn" like this. As I wrote above, my grandchildren are now password protected from reading the DM online. They can get their news from a source that recognises that children might be looking at it. - General Monck, Portsmouth, UK, 2/4/2011 1:17

Oh comeon they are just breasts, depending on the age of your grandchildren they will probably just giggle. They are natural part of the body, why censor them


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