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Redundancy Question

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Tried scanning the internet on this but looking for advice for my colleague.

Basically where he works everyone in two departments have been served notice of redundancy and there are a handful of jobs left available to apply for. The company deem that the new roles to apply for are different from their current roles (by up to 30% apparently) which he finds questionable.

By doing this the company is then allowed to proceed to interview new applicants as opposed to going by a points system to measure employee skill sets.

Is there any information out there on how they can deem that the roles are different to the old one? What's the criteria or is it just purely the discretion of the employer?

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Alternatives to Redundancy

The employer is required to consider alternatives to redundancy, such as offering you comparable work elsewhere within the organisation, including within other affiliated companies if the company is part of a corporate group. When you accept an alternative job offer from your employer, you are entitled to a trial period of at least four weeks to help you decide if the new job is suitable. If you leave during this period, you are retain your rights to Statutory Redundancy Pay.

If you or your representatives suggest alternatives to redundancy yourselves, the employer is required to consider them.


also here:

Suitable alternative job offers

If your employer intends to make you redundant, they must consider whether there are other jobs available which you would be capable of doing.

If a suitable job is available, your employer should offer it to you instead of making you redundant.

If a suitable job is available, but your employer fails to offer it to you without a good reason, this could mean that you have been unfairly dismissed and you can make a claim to an employment tribunal.

Whether the alternative job that your employer offers you is suitable will depend on a number of things. These include:

the sort of job it is

the pay you will get

the hours you'll have to work

where the job is located

your skills, abilities and personal circumstances.

Your employer doesn't have to offer you a similar sort of job or a job in the same workplace.

The offer of alternative employment must be made before your current job ends. The offer can be made in writing or verbally. You must be given enough details about the new job so you know what the difference is between this one and your current job.


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Unless it's something like public sector with a union to back them I'd put the energy into something else. If a company really wants to ditch staff it'll just find another way.

Worth pursuing if they did advertise the same position later they could then be compelled to rehire the previous incumbent and in some cases are sometimes glad to assuming the previously redundant employee is employed elsewhere.

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