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I did notice that a post I'd made (Title) on the Main Forum had been edited, not by me.

Nothing to change the context or anything, but it happened just the same.

No email or anything to say this had happened or why.

Not overly concerned this time, but would like to now 'MODs' when you consider this worthy of informing the OP and when not!

Bit disturbing as I had hoped HPC was pretty up front........gullible I know <_<

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I misspelled a word in a thread title I started and it was corrected. I was quite grateful actually, as I couldn't figure out how to edit it myself.

Hi there,

Sorry if I am being dim, but I am another one who cannot find an EDIT button! So I can't edit any of my posts once I have posted them! :(

I have checked my PROFILE and I ticked the RICH EDIT option there and saved it. After doing this, I did see more editting options for making a new post or for replying to a post, but there was still no sign of an EDIT BUTTON.

It seems (from reading other posts) that there should be a button in the Right Bottom Corner of the post? (But I have never seen one.)

FYI, I am logged in and the post I am trying to edit was posted today ... so this is not a case of trying to edit a very old post. Any idea what am I doing wrong? (Maybe my member name is not allowed to edit?)

It's not a big deal ... I am just annoyed that I can't work it out. But maybe it's not my fault even? (Maybe it's a system problem?)

Can anyone help me/offer any advice? (Thanks for reading.)

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Simple answer is new members can't edit their posts. This is to stop spammers putting up an innocent looking post and then later editing it to their spam selection.

I have made you up to a full member which will give you editing rights.

Anyone who has made 100 posts gets automatically upgraded - anyone under that can apply at the upgrade section


So there is no conspiracy against you I am afraid - very mundane answer to your problem.

OK, Thanks doccyboy.

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