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Nationwide March Data Out Tomorrow

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house next door but one to me just sold for a million. was bought for £675k in 2006... bought by a couple of 80 year olds who plan to use the 4 bedroom house as somewhere to stay by the seaside every couple of weeks. they have their main house in london but said 'the money was sitting in the bank doing nothing' he hates it as he can't get down the all the stairs to the front door without assistance but she likes it and he reckons it was 'cheaper than getting a divorce'....

would this skew the figures? its top end for this area. but it was bought for cash...

edited to add something that annoyed me. they asked what i did and i told them i run two companies. they were impressed and told me i'd be buying somewhere like theirs soon then. i told them that would be very unlikely as i've missed the boat and wasted all my money setting up proper businesses that employ people and pay taxes etc. they shrugged and said that maybe i should try playing the lottery....

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Couldn't give a shight about data any more; by the time we see real data it'll be too late!

The fact is, house prices are shagged, employment/productivity is shagged, cost of living is shagged; our children's lives are shagged, everything's shagged (apart from Claire in work - ummmm) but that's life. Oh well I'm gonna forget all this data shight and have a ..........................w@nk!

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Nationwide March Data Out Tomorrow according to Forex: http://www.forexfactory.com/calendar.php

Forex reckons it'll be -0.1% down

Unsafe As Houses reckons it'll be -0.5% down

Care to make a prediction and impress us with your foresight/luck?

You know you want to really :D

More utter bovine excreta so here's my guess:


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7am - forgot the clocks going forward. Still not setting the alarm if it's going to be a positive figure... :unsure:

Setting alarm clocks? I'll be refreshing the page throughout the night chewing on Khat and coffee granules. I've got a large stash of barbituates if it turns out to be +ve%

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