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The goverment of the day, the Tories unbelievably, paid housing benefit the minute folk signed on. No 6 month wait, no means test, paid from day one. That is why rents either remained static or rose. :o

Not unbelievable at all. You still get it straight away and you don't even have to be unemployed.


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The tories also capped rent being payed for those on housing benefit.

I seem to remember a number of BTL renting out very expensive 3/4 houses to people on benefit. Some never paid the mortgage but just took the money and ran.

Because of this rent became more regulated and this will have an impact on BTL who go down the social housing route this time around.

The government currently have a policy to raise social housing rent over the next few years to match local private housing rent. I think this synergising of rent will mean that when the crash happens HB will set the market rent.. not the landlords.

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As far as I know (at least up until a couple of years ago) when someone on HB claimed rent then an assessor would go round to the house/flat and set the rent. If the rent they set was below what the landlord was asking then the tenant would have to make up the difference (if they could) or move somewhere cheaper).

They also will not pay for housing that is more than someone needs. So they will not pay for a three bed house for a single parent with one kid etc.

HB is not an open ticket like it used to be...beware BTL

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