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The redrow development seem to be building houses people may actually want and be able to live in, but you pay about 30% more than the usual new build price.

In the past, we looked at a three bed mid terrace. I would describe it as a small 2 bed! And a railway line was about 40 yards from the back door. Or for the same price I could get a 1950s good sized three bed in best area of town with I big garden!

We have rented many houses both old and new. New burke quality seems poor and rooms are small. On the whole would rather buy an older place.

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I bought a new build in 2005. Nightmare, poorly installed windows meant they frequently cracked the panes of glass that cost £30-60 to fix a time and only that cheap because one lad was pretty much full-time self employed working around the 160 or so dwellings.

Another annoying thing is they are now mostly leasehold (as mine was) and once the service charge hit an eyewatering £400 (from the original £175) in 2008 I joined the managing companies board of directors to see if I could go about keeping a lid on the rises. It was there that I learnt all was not rosey and that they were channelling money for surveys on the drains at £5,000 a time as the builders had built the drains on a level (i.e. not inclined) that was causing sediment build-up and collapsed drains. We had been quoted a fix that involved knocking down three houses and digging up the drains from a few companies and the price was £800-900k, insuring against the worst case scenario wasn't feasible either as the annual premium would have been £200k (or £1.3k for each resident). We tried suing the builder and took them to thesteps of the courts and settled that they would dredge the drains for 10years. If it had gone to court and we had won the firm of builders would have been bankrupted so we would have been worse off.

Awful experience so I sold in 2009 taking a £30k haircut (problems didn't show on the survey as the management company funded the surveys).

We have now bought a 3bedroom house (1960s) on a good footprint, south facing garden and built of brick not plasterboard. Needs some work doing but it will be to traditional standards, out with the sh1tty PVC windows in with wooden ones that'll outlive my family.

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Many councils built very well from the 1920s to the 1950s. After that it all went horribly wrong. A 1970s high density estate that I knew well in Kidbrooke was built in the 1970s and is now being demolished. Another of similar vintage in Greenwich has now been re developed as new high density flats in line with government guidelines, mad, quite mad.

I lived in a tower block in the 80s and the accommodation was good but the council used most of it to house the local unfortunates. It was knocked down about 5 years ago and replaced with terraced houses. Ironically the new terraces are not dissimiliar to the ones demolished to make way for the tower block.

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There have been a couple of mentions of front gardens but from an attractiveness point of view I don't think more than a small one works that well (and given the same amount of space I'd prefer the house to be forward to give a larger back garden). This might be because often older, more attractive houses often don't have much in the way of front gardens, I've not made up my mind.

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I've lived in a pavement terrace and it's really wierd having a room that people walk right past imo.

I think the sheer closeness of all the property is horrid - there's no space between anything .... The thread that url got posted on - the EA is selling the house you look at as an end terrace when it's clearly attached on both sides (one side flats, the other more terraces)

I'm sure if they thought they could get away with it they'd get rid of most of the roads too.

These developments are slums of the future imo.

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