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Yeah, you bang on about this remorselessly whilst never mentioning the Great Leap Forward, Cultural Revolution, the slaughter in Tibet, problems in Xinjiang, historical issues with Vietnam etc etc. This utter hypocritical racism is one of the many reasons few foreigners come away from China with anything other than very mixed feelings and also the reason why the Chinese are not much liked by other Asian countries.


I've mentioned all of the above less so Tibet many many times, you can search through my 8000 posts if you want, there should be time stamps on them. So you can't accuse me of going back and editing them.

The thing is though you're the person throwing mud here, many posts ago you assumed that I indoctrinated by Chinese education..... yet strangely enough you daren't even reply to my post.

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Top Posters In This Topic

Chinese support for the nutters running Burma....

Chinese support for the tyrants running North Korea

Chinese intimidation of the Taiwanese

Chinese invasion and assimilation of Tibet.

The western nations haven't always been kind to other people.... but neither have the Chinese.

Sure Mao is the biggest killer on record having killed more people than every dictator and every single war combined together. Its a widely known fact and you know and I know the CCP is not exactly pleasant, the key difference is that they don't ponce about and pretend to be whiter than white any more. You know like our governments do.

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I agree there are strong regional differences which can cause friction, but that doesn't mean they haven't been happy to bash the foreigners on occasion throughout their history. The long running saga with Vietnam springs to mind.

Pot kettle black?

China has been crappy to lots of people and places,. Vietnam? are you kidding? China had its **** handed to it on a plate in the 1979 invasion. The thing is your 'good guys' the USA also did a number of Vietnam, so did the French. Who also had their arses handed to them on a plate.

The US involvement in Vietnam wasn't exactly pretty, razing villages kiling EVERYBODY and calling them combatants rapes as POLICY. Chemical weapons used on 3 million civilians etc...

But lets be hypocritical and ignore all the stuff we did since it doesn't matter does it :huh:

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