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Price Check App For Iphone

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This reminds me of a Tedtalk lecture a couple of years ago, where they showed how all the available technology could be combined in one device to give on-the-spot search and information - limited to amazon, but I guess no reason it won't spread:

Ever wondered if you were getting the best price on a product when you were out shopping? With Price Check by Amazon, you can use your iPhone to instantly compare prices with Amazon.com and its merchants while on-the-go. Price Check enables you to search Amazon products quickly using barcode, picture, voice, and text search. All prices are in US Dollars and search the Amazon US catalog. Compatible with iPhone 3Gs and iPhone 4 devices with auto-focus cameras and iOS 4 or greater.

Price Check by Amazon provides access to Amazon.com product descriptions and customer reviews to guide you in making informed purchase decisions. When you find a low price while using the app, simply log into your Amazon account to complete a secure purchase. Price Check by Amazon supports 1-Click check-out and Prime memberships.


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There are already lots of price checking apps on iphone/android, Shop savvy has been around for years. As you say the tech required to do in on the move (camera, cpu, and internet connect) now exists on your phone.

First saw barcode scanning via webcam with Delicious library on the Mac (about 6 years), so impressive to just hold up a DVD/game and have it scan and fill the data in. Did read that the high street doesn't like this power/knowledge as it's too easy for the consumer to do a realtime price compare.

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I'd like an app where you just scan someone's face, and then it makes a few computer noises and says "Subject is a tw@t"

The tedtalk I mentioned showed how you could reach out to shake someone's hand while your mobile device projected the person's facebook page onto his t-shirt.

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