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March 26Th London March

Reck B

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"A bit of a bell".... more like a first class moron.

The TUC will, I'm sure, attempt to hold a large peaceful march tomorrow.

Almost certainly the idiot featured on the vid plus his right on anarchist friends will embark on their usual spate of hooliganism.

He kept referring to the Zionist controlled media. Last time I looked Rupert Murdoch was definitely not Jewish.

Plus the BBC are not known to be very sympathetic to the State of Israel.

How we laughed at Citizen Smith...

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There was an anti-cuts protest in the square in Portsmouth a few days ago.

In the distance I heard the megaphone shriek of a woman: "No more cuts!"

When I reached the protest site there were five 20-something birds in matching t-shirts taking photos of each other. Probably equality officers or sumfink. That was it. Sum total.

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