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Mr. Miyagi

Ten Major Failures Of So-Called Consensus Climate Science

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Whether CC is bull or man made is a pointless non argument unless you can actually do something about it.

It would be a very brave and single minded person indeed who would tell the Chinese to stop building trillions of power stations every year and select half of the world's population for sterlisation. Neither of which is going to happen, so really what is the point?!

We should be focusing on the current or near issues, not fighting over something we may or may not have caused to happen in a few hundred years or so.

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In 1973 I gave up on theoretical physics and decided to dedicate my life to studying human impacts on climate and weather. I went to the University of Virginia which had perhaps the only department in the US which was actively studying the subject. My research concerned the lower atmosphere and the effect that changes in its heat capacity had on atmospheric circulation. It was there that I met both Fred Singer and Roger Pielke, both of whom had an impact on my intellectual development. I took what I believe was the first course offered on human impacts and climate, titled Urban Meteorology which was taught by Pielke and Mike Garstang. We spent many hours discussing the effects of deforestation, desertification, and urbanization on climate. I don't think we spent more than 15 minutes on global warming. Garstang dismissed it catagorically. There was nothing that he, I or anyone else could see in the data that would lead us to think that the green house effect was in the least way significant compared to the aforementioned causes.

There are many things whic could cause the climate to change. There is the natural variation of the sun and a periodic variation of volcanic dust. Human industry can throw smoke into the atmosphere which clouds out the sun's energy. Cutting, draining, plowing,and paving can change the amount of energy the earth absorbs and how fast it heats up and cools off. This was the subject of decades of research, strong correlations, and amazingly accurate models. Most of it is now ignored.

The first time I heard anyone take the green house effect and global warming seriously it was none other than Edward Teller. His logic was simple. Nuclear power was the solution. Well it had to be the solution to something didn't it. Even in 1973 it compared poorly to all other sources of power. Only one thing distinguished it. It didn't produce carbon dioxide. So that was it. CO2 had to be the problem. Then came the green house effect.

Martin Kokus

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