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Considering the lack of valuations that I have been to or have known about I find it odd that the Property Post is packed with new instructions.

I know it is that time of year, but as far as I was concerned there was not a lot of people looking to market their property in Swansea.

I've had lots of valuation requests in Llanelli, but don't cover the area.

Without looking in to it I would guess that many have taken their properties off the market at Christmas time and instructed the EA's to put them back on now.

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Odd, I was just looking at the PP in my local Tesco and the thing that struck me that several properties I have been watching for 1 or 2 years now had those little signs 'New' on them.

I also noticed one or two - didn't have time to look in detail at all EAs and all properties - had 'Reduced' on them when they clearly had not been reduced for many weeks if not months. Not by my almost hourly following of the property market anyhow.

I assume it must be typo/clerical errors.


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