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Night Owl

1933 Double Eagles

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This is kind of old news but it totally passed me by. I am posting it as a new topic to highlight it - I think perhaps there is a bit of interest in gold coins on this forum ;) The interview is really good by the way - gives you a bit of background on the events of 1933 and outlawing the hording of gold. Here is the thread where I posted a reply:

Gold (again) - What Would The Govt Do..., ...if I spent £££ on it? Options

and here is the reply:

Wow!! 10 of them!! Thanks for bringing this up, it had totally passed me by. If you want to know about the 1933 double eagle, I highly recommend downloading this interview with David Trip - it is historical, highly entertaining and nothing about gold ramping or anything:

Illegal Tender

Try and resist following these links until you have listened to the above interview as it spoils the story:


Guardian article

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the 1933 is the rarest and most expensive coin there is.

only a handfull were ever made, and the fed has arrested people for having these, however one guy was able to fight his case in court and was after paying a percentage to the government able to keep and thus auction the coin.

i believe it made somewhere in the region of 10 mill usd

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