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Quatermass Series With Sir John Mills

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Brilliant find 'Saving For a Space Ship' - I'll look forward to watching that on YouTube.

Durch, I forgot to add that there are several references on hpc forum over the years to Quatermass (as you are most likely aware) .

Mainly about the breakdown in society portrayed in the series, and the similarities to today.

I watched it on dvd a couple of yrs ago, and thought it had stood the test of time very well.

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Great Britain, 1990. The population is now governed by the tyrannical Home Office Public Control Department (PCD), who have done away with the rights of the individual and maintain control through ID cards, rationing and electronic surveillance. Emigration is impossible. But escape is not, thanks to rebels like Jim Kyle ( Edward Woodward), a journalist and secret dissident, who battles hard to, but who faces imprisonment or death at the hands of the PCD and its ruthless controller, Herbert Skardon

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Yeah, Quatermass was pretty good; I have the DVD. I've been trying to find '1990', but so far I haven't managed to; I do have the first novelization but haven't had a chance to read it yet.

'The Guardians' is quite interesting too, though rather too wordy.

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