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Government To Abolish Propaganda

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Government to cut 1,000 marketing jobs and axe COI

The government is proposing to cut 1,000 staff as part of a dramatic scaling-back of its £1bn a year communications budget, with the Central Office of Information to be scrapped after more than 60 years and replaced with a new body to oversee marketing and advertising activity.

On Friday the Cabinet Office released a series of recommendations following a review of the government's £1.01bn annual communications spend, of which £540m of marketing activity is handled through the COI.

As part of the changes the COI will be replaced with a new body, the Government Communications Centre, with a wider remit and responsibility for keeping a tight reign on advertising and marketing spend.

The GCC will be responsible for making sure that pan-government marketing and advertising activity is "concentrated in fewer areas of focus and to targeted audiences, so that government communications is more effective and so that the government is not aiming multiple messages at the same audience".

The report does not say how much the government might cut from its £1bn annual communications bill, or how much of the £540m spent on everything from TV, radio and posters to sponsorship might be reduced.

But it claims the decrease will be significant thanks to tighter controls on spending which includes any activity over £100,000 needing central sign-off.

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Thank god - sick and tired of relentless government advertising.

If I want to know what the government is up to, I will go to http://www.direct.gov.uk/

I hope depriving the s*dding Guardian of comedy Public Sector 'jobs' is part of this. Who could forget HPC poster 'Dog's long running regular post of daft PS positions.

Hah - you're being lured into a Masonic trap as they take over the country,

GCC is full of their oCCult symbolism which they seem compelled to portray!

G=7th letter of Alphabet also the 'G' is at the heart of the Masonic Compass/Square logo

C=3rd letter of alphabet CC=33 =Number Scottish Masonic Degrees

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