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When The Lease Ran Out

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Could be commercial property phrase of the year. Walking out the door at the first opporutnity without penalties.


Bournemouth says goodbye to Dorothy Perkins

Staff at the Bournemouth store, in Old Christchurch Road, said they were all offered jobs within the group.

They said the company decided to close when the lease ran out.

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New closures are 'disastrous' for Llandudno


New closures are 'disastrous' for Llandudno

Published date: 16 March 2011 |

Published by: David Waddington

A RAFT of store closure announcements has been described as “disastrous news” for Llandudno.

Next attributed the closure of the store to the fact it was coming “to the end of its lease”.

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Hmmmm wonder if the renewal cost is a tad on the high side .....surely that would not be the case would it?

the cost is of little consequence if the tenant is making money to spare.

"disaster" for ???town really means a fwe shoppers will have to shop elsewhere....great for the survivor....Its what is needed in a BUST...over borrowing is defaulted, and the strong survive.

Shame a few banks werent allowed to close as their leases were expired.

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