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A couple of months ago I was interested in this property:


which came on the market in late November. When I telephoned to set up a viewing, however, the listing agent told me it was 'temporarily withdrawn from the market'. This was in early January, I think (although possibly late December, I can't remember), because of a few minor repairs that needed to be done to the communal stairs in the building. The listing on the agent's website was very shortly thereafter changed to reflect this....the listing was still there (on espc.com as well), but "temporarily withdrawn" was listed on the page. The agent said it would be back on the market and I gave him my contact details, asking him to let me know when it came back on the market.

A few weeks later, the posting disappeared from the agent's website, and I assumed it was permanently withdrawn from the market. A month or more went by, and then suddenly, last week, it appeared again on both the listing agent's website and espc.com. Then today I notice the ad suddenly says 'going to closing at noon on March 14th". I'm not sure when it was changed to say this, but it has only been back on for a week, and it didn't say that as of last Tuesday or Wednesday.

Also, the agent never contacted me to let me know it was listed again.

This all seems very strange to me, especially given that it is a _bank sale_. I thought the solicitor was obliged to try to get the most for the property that s/he can. But listing a property just briefly over the Christmas period, then taking it off the market and not showing the property, then putting it back on for at most a week, and not even contacting people who have expressed interest in the property....hard to believe this is what a responsible solicitor would do.

Any thoughts? Am I alone in finding this very strange?


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Maybe someone made them an offer they couldn't refuse. :ph34r:

Either a good cash offer to move fast and withdraw the property or it is going to a friend of the EA/Solicitor, happens a lot, I know of a dentist who was going out with a lawyer, when probabe properties came through her desk she would call him, make a cash offer and the property would neve make it to the open market. Between them they built up a sizable portfolio at other peoples expense. It all came crashing down a few years ago when the wife of the dentist found out what was going on :lol::lol::lol:

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