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Notice To Quit?

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I was wondering. If a tenancy started on the 8th of the month and the tenant currently on a rolling monthly contract wanted to leave, can the tenant only give notice to quit on the 8th of a month or can the tenant give notice at any time for example the 26th and then leave a month later on the following month on the 26th?


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Where a periodic tenancy is weekly, four weekly, monthly or quarterly and unless the parties have agreed otherwise, the common law rule is that the minimum period of notice must be equal to a period of the tenancy and that the notice must expire at the end of a tenancy period. "At the end of a tenancy period" means either the last or first day of a tenancy period. When the premises are residential, the Protection from Eviction Act 1977 modifies the common law to provide a minimum period of four weeks' notice. Notice can be "given" at any time.

It is important to remember that "tenancy period" and "rent period" are not the same thing. A tenancy period is calculated according to the day the tenancy starts.

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