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Ireland: Not Contained-- 70 Billion Borrowed

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Irish banks borrow 70 billion euros from central bank
12:52, Friday 11 March 2011
DUBLIN (Reuters) - Ireland (Berlin: IIK.BE - news) 's central bank lent banks based in the country 70 billion euros (60.3 billion pounds) in special funding at the end of February,
a jump of 19 billion euros from the previous month
, data showed on Friday

What with Spain being re-rated and now more poisons hatching out of the Irish woodwork we could be on our way to a full blown Euro crisis. FX taking it calmly so far with the Euro barely moving vs. the $:


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Iam afraid Portugal doesn't look much better:


13:28, Friday 11 March 2011
) - Portugal announced additional spending cuts and reforms on Friday to cut its fiscal deficit in an attempt to stave off intense pressure to seek a bailout.
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