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All I Can Say Is Wow! At This House

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I wonder how much has been spent on getting it to look like that?

How much are next door neighbours houses worth?

Spent? Almost as much as on that camera that took the shots. Same one that was used on 'Once Upon a Time in the West'...

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You would need a pretty small cat if you wanted to swing it in the 2nd bedroom.

EDIT: what is it with this 'From:' business on the price? Is this supposed to make us think like 'Sale ... prices from 50% off' ...? How dumb EAs must think we are.

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Take away the furniture, and you're left with a couple of knocked-through rooms painted white, some wood (effect?) flooring, and a very ordinary looking fitted kitchen.

I had an estate agent say the exact thing to me today about a house that has just come on for 450K - bought in 2005 for 180K. The EA is marketing it but is annoyed at the sellers considering themselves developers and demanding that much as an asking price.

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