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had an offer accepted on a house and just had a survey done and the survey came back saying there was some damp problems so got a specialist in to check it out and quote on how much it'd cost to fix it. price came back at £1500. Im wondering if i should reduce the offer as the damp is something that will need fixing straight away. But im pretty hesitant to reduce the offer as i think i got the house for a good price and the house does need quite abit of work done to it and maybe fixing the damp is all part of the renovation.

Im not trying to stitch her up by offering lower just a cost that i didnt factor in. and when you think about it, knocking £1500 off the mortgage will have little effect on the my mortgage payments so it might not be worth the hassle.

She is also taking the oven which is pretty annoying as the kitchen needs to be completely redone but i wont be able to do it straight away and im planning on getting a built in oven in the kitchen. its not a good oven or anything just an inconvenience to get another oven and found out from the real estate agent that shes got an oven in the place shes buying. Shes as old lady so she might just really like her oven.

what do you guys think?

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Yes I would be tempted to ask for a discount towards cost of damp work. You may be lucky. The Worst case is seller can only refuse claimng you have a good deal already.

As for cooker look out for one from freecycle or from a local free-ads if it is cheap or free and works it should tide you over till you get kitchen done

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is it normal for sellers to pull bits of the kitchen out? For me a fitted kitchen means that, everything fitted into it is mine. Like wise, bathroom suite, and laminate or wooden floors, light sockets, power switches, fitted cupboards. Am I being delusional? If you need a screw driver or a crow bar to get it out, it's part of the fabric of the house. Discuss.

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a fitted kitchen generally does not automatically include the appliances unless they are mentioned in agents details. It is a general rule that they are usually included when trey are fitted ie integrated rather than freestanding items.

Bathroom accessories are also debatable and this is why they come up on the fixture fitting form. And as a seller it

pays tospell out in detail what you are leaving by default and what is not included

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You may as well ask for a reduction for the damp, particularly if her response wont change things either way, you've got nothing to lose.

I believe things that require specialist DIY to remove should be included.

When we bought our last house they wanted extra for the conservatory fanlights, absurd in my opinion.

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No reason why you should not lower the offer to compensate.

With regards to the oven.

The EA should include everything that is being sold in the property details. If it is not included, then the vendor will have told the EA that it is not for sale. Check what is in the details. If the oven is listed, then the EA has made a mistake that they should compensate for due to the property misdescriptions act or the vendor has changed her mind. If it is the vendor and she has another oven, then you should lower your offer again.

If it is not listed, then forget about it. Worst case scenario is that you rent one for a few quid a month.

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You have nothing to lose by asking to lower the price - unless you were being unreasonable. But if you ask for £2000 less for the damp problem, and show the survey, then you're not being unreasonable.

The worst that can happen is that she says no, and then you can still proceed with the deal at the current price.

The best that can happen is that she says yes. And then you have another £2k - which you can use to buy an oven.

The only absolute worst case scenario is that she gets extremely mad at you and cancels the whole sale. But if she's motivated to sell, and you're not being unrealistic or insulting her, then I don't see why she would be unrealistically mad.

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