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Huhne To Hail 'green Jobs' Boost For 1,000 Apprentices

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The government will help pay to train 1,000 apprentices to insulate homes as part of its "green deal" energy plan.

Announcing the move, Chris Huhne will say a "big injection" of skills and cash is required if ambitious energy efficiency targets are to be realised.

The energy secretary will also outline deadlines for progress on electric car and carbon capture and storage schemes.

Environmental campaigners say there is a lack of clarity about how the UK will move to a low-carbon economy.

The Lib Dem minister will herald the apprenticeships scheme as evidence of how government and business should work together to create jobs and speed the transition to a more sustainable economy.

'Changed Britain'

Under the plan, the government will cover the cost of training 16- to 18-year-old apprentices and will share the cost for over 19-year-olds with businesses which may include B&Q and British Gas.

It is envisaged that the apprentices will become experts in installing cavity and solid wall insulation in homes and more energy-efficient heating systems in business premises.

How hard is it to install cavity insulation? Perhaps they could offer a degree in the subject?

Although I wonder how many will end up Corgi registered.

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How hard is it to install cavity insulation?

I went for a conversion to "unventilated warm roof", breathable membrane, 160mm PIR with 20mm air gap, aluminium taped joints instead of VCL and rockwool packing in the eaves.

If you can understand why I did that, you don't need to go on a course. A little bit of education can go a long way in improving insulation performance.

And a money saving tip for you all, you can get up to 270mm of rockwool at very reduced prices from a subsidised Npower scheme, typically <£100 for a normal roof if you DIY. The payback period would be one winter. Renters can use this scheme as well as owners.

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How hard is it to install cavity insulation? Perhaps they could offer a degree in the subject?

Although I wonder how many will end up Corgi registered.

Actually it is a skilled job.

They had a whole bunch of cowboys over here when the australian Labor government brought in a similar policy , insulating homes under some environmental guise.


ENVIRONMENT Minister Peter Garrett has axed his disastrous home insulation program, replacing it with a new scheme designed to weed out "shonky operators".

Mr Garrett made the announcement in Sydney this afternoon.

The controversial scheme, which has been in place since last year, has led to four deaths, countless injuries and around 100 house fires.

I am warning you people , these insulation schemes have the potential to turn very ugly.

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By putting insulation in the cavity, you are building a bridge between two walls (inner and outer) where the rain/wetness from the outside could potentially migrate to the inner wall - hence damp patches. Damp insulation insulates worse than the cavity. The reason we have cavity walls in England is so that wind driven rain does not penetrate through to the inner wall, it rather falls into the void between the two walls. By putting insulation in there - you could 1. be worse off 2. create damp issues in the house.

I never had a clue myself until I read up on it.

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