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Big Society Charity Gets It's Funding Cut

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Big Society is about helping your community putting something back in. e.g helping to paint your kids school

I get a bit twitchy regarding 'charities' as there are plenty of organisations whos structure is such that they seem to fill the boots of those that work for them in addition to any good stuff they do. Eg see the number of managers/trustees:


Also, there's a distinct lack of any finance info on their website, not saying there is something wrong but just that it does not look good.

The grant of £500k is apparently a quarter of the £2M running costs, which pay for 35 staff, (there are 32 in the link above + 10 trustees). Allowing for 35 staff total, the budget for the organisation is £57k/staff member. They have apparently helped 300,000 volunteers find placements over the last decade, or about 30,000 per year at a cost of £2Million- so about £65/volunteer.

They've managed six press releases in the last year.

I'd be interested to hear from anyone who has used their services.

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The idea of a charity getting tax payer's money makes it seem more like a public service than a charity to me.

where have you been these last 10 years? This is very standard now, and very wrong

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I was involved in trying to place people to do charitable work in Yorkshire once, tidying up footpaths (for free, I add), early 2000s

lots vocally volunteered, but when it actually transpired that we were clearing shopping trolleys and rubbish from a canalside walk south of Bradford, nobody turned up - what they all wanted was a day tidying stone footpaths in the nice bits of the Yorkshire Dales - something you usually have to pay to do, as there is such demand

volunteering isn't always fun, work is work at the end of the day, and the middle classes simply need to get used to the idea that they can't have the tricky bits paid for by the taxpayer so they can have their fun day out pretending to be charitable/green

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