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Daft Boy

Protesters Attempt To Arrest Judge In Court

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i will be suprised if we hear any more about this incident. The authorities will have a section D notice placed on any further reporting to avoid further such incidents. sounds like a few hundred angry creditors are feeling peeved about someone seeking bankruptcy :lol:

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The protesters refer to 'Section 61' of Magna Carta

shome mishtake, shurely?

Clause 61 of the 1215 charter states: "The barons shall choose any twenty-five barons of the realm they wish, who with all their might are to observe, maintain and cause to be observed the peace and liberties which we have granted and confirmed to them by this our present charter". The clause goes on to say that if the king does not keep to the charter, the twenty five barons shall seize "castles, lands and possessions... until, in their judgement, amends have been made". "Anyone in the land" would be permitted by the king to swear an oath to the twenty five to obey them in these matters, and the king was in fact supposed to order people to do so even if they didn't want to swear an oath to the twenty five barons.

(from Wikipedia)

Clause 61 was removed very soon after 1215.

Perhaps they mean the Bill of Rights?

Or maybe the protesters were just stoned.

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